Using this Course in Your Local LMS

You are welcome to use/reuse/remix/retain the materials from this site in your own courses. Nearly all the material in this web site is Copyright Creative Commons Attribution. These are links to downloadable content as well as links to other sources of this course material.

Courses/web sites using this material

This web site uses the Tsugi software to both host the software-based autograders and provide this material so it can easily be integrated into a Learning Management System like Sakai, Moodle, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Blackboard or similar.

Links to course materials

If you are interested in translating the book or other online materials into another language, I have provided some instructions on how to translate this course in my GitHub repository. If you are starting a translation, please contact me so we can coordinate our activities.

Audio Archive

Here is an archive of the live lecture recordings from SI502 as taught on campus at the UM School of Information Fall 2015.

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